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Silver Sun Republic


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guild Overview

Welcome to the Silver Sun Republic, home of the 20+ year old RP-PvP community with an established history and tradition of victory on the field of battle combined with a unique and growing culture we’ve crafted of our own. We love to make our own fun in sandbox, survival, and strategy games across many different genres. Come join us today and experience a guild unlike any other.


MMOs, Survival, Sandbox

Founding Date

December 1999

Unique structure

We organize ourselves as a historical Republic, often times in a feudal arrangement, but we also flex to meet the needs and the setting of the games we place. Exploring our culture can be just as rewarding as the game.

Learn about our dense lore

Our lore continues to grow as we play new games. All of our history and the stories we tell come from our members and their achievements, victories, losses, and characters. When you join our Republic, you become a citizen of our great nation.

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